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Criminal Defense Attorney in Nebraska

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Any criminal arrest or allegation can lead to serious penalties, jail time, and a criminal record for life. Whether it is a misdemeanor crime or a more serious federal crime, you deserve the best possible defense. The police and prosecutors do not have your best interests at heart and will use anything you say against you. Before you give any statements to the police, contact my office to make sure that your rights are protected.
At the Law Office of Donald L. Schense, I will defend your rights to mitigate penalties and defeat the charges against you when possible. With well over 15 years working as a Prosecutor in Military, Federal and Douglas and Lancaster Counties I have the experience to navigate the criminal system.

Felony crimes:

A felony crime is much more serious then a misdemeanor crime and if convicted, can deeply affect you long after sentencing. Felony crimes are handled in either state or federal court and include a variety of charges including: Alcohol related offenses, theft, drug charges, sex offenses, property crime, violent crimes, or crimes against another person. As a past prosecutor for Douglas and Lancaster Counties as well as in military and federal courts, I have extensive experience in the judicial court system. I will aggressively work to defeat your charges and minimize your penalties.

Federal crimes:

The most serious of crimes are drug crimes, sex crimes, possession or trafficking of child pornography or solicitation charges, cyber crimes including fraud or theft, and white collar crimes including fraud, embezzlement, and business crimes. I understand the federal system and sentencing guidelines and will handle your case from investigation through trial if necessary. As a litigator in federal court, I have been very successful in receiving beneficial results for my clients.

Drug related crimes:

Criminal charges or arrest for even misdemeanor drug charges carry serious consequences. This includes drug trafficking, possession, manufacturing or distribution of both prescription and street drugs. The police and prosecutors do not have your best interests at heart and will use anything you say against you in court. Before you make a statement to the police, make sure you know your rights. Time is very important in these cases.

Drunk driving charges:

It doesn't matter if it is your first drunk driving (DUI/DEI/OWI) offense or your fifth. If you are charged with drunk driving, there is more at stake than just your driver's license. Even a first time offense can mean jail time and loss of license. While the stakes are even higher for subsequent offenses, I will aggressively work to minimize the consequences and cost.

Misdemeanor crimes:

Even misdemeanors such as traffic offenses or property crimes can have serious penalties resulting in loss of wages, licenses, fines, along with impacting future employment opportunities. I will follow you through from beginning to end to protect your rights and interest.
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